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Ke$ha - Warrior (pop)
Neurosis - Honor Found in Decay (sludge)
Faith No More - Album of the Year (alternative)
P.O.O.R. - Extinction of Trust (grind)
The Austerity Program - Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn (post rock)
Feist - Metals (pop)
Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music (rap)


Greetings. I have a few digital only release from some bands coming in the near future. I will post more when I get more details lines up with release dates and such. Hope all of my friends out East are doing okay after the storm. My thoughts are with you.

The news these days is pretty negative. I actually quit watching due to the overwhelming amount of negativity out there. Here's a music releated story with a positive spin. My advice to you all is ignore the negative shit and focus on the positive. Life will be much easier:

Jason Statts Story

If you didn't notice, Ialso wised up and made all links red instead of gray so you can acatually fucking SEE them. Genius.
2/1/13: Lots of news. Lets get to it:



The band will once again return to Machines with Magnets in Providence, RI with Keith Souza (Battles). The new effort will consist of 6 or 7 songs plus a remix of 2012's, "Ice on Wings" by Jeff Caxide/Crone (ISIS, Palms) that was limited to a small run 7inch on Atomic Action! Records (who will also handle the upcoming full length on vinyl) last year. A remix of one of the new songs will be included too.

Vocalist Christian McKenna states about the new material: "The next batch of tunes falls under the name Five and was written during a quick burst this fall with our new drummer Andre.. the tunes will be recorded much closer to their inception and we feel it is our best work yet.. it's more melodic then the last one and I think it will come off more cohesive sounding."

Residing from various places along the east coast and featuring members of Connecticut's long running noise rockers Cable and Philadelphia's eclectic indie pop duo Exvotos, EMPTY FLOWERS received critical acclaim for 2012's debut, SIX released via Translation Loss Records. Tom Breihan wrote in a "ALBUM OF THE WEEK" feature for Stereogum: "Six is the work of four musicians who are locked into each other in that rare telepathic way, where each understands which hole in the song he needs to fill... Empty Flowers let their songs slowly wander, turning from one groove to another so slowly and assuredly that you barely notice. Still, they land in the same deep head-nod territory, and hearing a band so good at that sound gives the rare sensation of scratching an itch I didn’t know I had."

Exclaim had the following to say about last year's debut, ''Where Cable were defined emotionally by heat and frustration, evoking softening asphalt and tempers flaring in a stifling hot, un-air-conditioned room, Six is positively chilly... Frontman Christian McKenna shines, demonstrating that he's able to convey wistful gentility without losing power."

The band will play its first show ever on May 22 @ BAR in New Haven, Connecticut.



Formed in Miami, Florida in 2009, Shroud Eater is a brooding three-piece juggernaut blending sludge, doom and stoner metal riffs with gruff howls and intense tribal drumming. Drawing comparisons to High on Fire and Helmet with a Kyuss groove, Shroud Eater have established themselves as a ferocious live act with a uniquely refreshing take on the stoner/sludge/doom metal genre. The trio have self-released a demo in 2009, a full length album in 2011, embarked on several east-coast and Florida-state tours, opened and run an underground music venue in South Florida, and are set to release a new EP in 2013 via The Path Less Traveled Records.

We’re extremely excited to be working with a band we have admired for a few years now. A single will be streaming on a few select blogs in February followed by a CD in May!!!

Shroud Eater has had the pleasure of opening for:
Corrosion of Conformity, Corrections House, Kylesa, Floor, Tombs, -16-, KEN Mode, The Atlas Moth, Weedeater, ASG, Cough and MonstrO.

Shroud Eater is: Jean Saiz (guitars/vocals), Janette Valentine (bass/back up vocals), and Felipe Torres (drums/percussion)


"Primordial sludge oozed free from the speakers and wall of amplifiers to the horrified delight of all within earshot ... the song boiled over into an onslaught of swamp-gas-explosive metal and an epic shred session, courtesy of south-pawed singer and guitarist ... the rowdy performance was met by absolute appreciation by the now thoroughly inebriated audience."
Live Review by David Von Bader, Broward New Times, July 2012

"What kind of metal do Shroud Eater play? Is the correct answer all metal? We heard: stoner sludge, '80s-style thrash, and even some supermelodic, D&D power-metal flourishes."
Live Review by Matt Preira, Miami New Times, March 2012

"Miami-based raw power trio ... sometimes gruff, sometimes sultry vocals slink and slither over and under the burly, lumbering grooves, recalling a grittier Kylesa or female-fronted High on Fire. Here, there be doom ..."
Kim Kelly, Salty Eggs 2012

"This filth has brains"
Decibel Magazine, Dec 2011

"Bowel-quaking, low-end rumble and angry she-bear vocals"
Terrorizer Magazine, April 2011

"Shroud Eater does right here at every turn"
Miami New Times, January 2011

"Roll a big fatty joint, smoke it, and crank these slow, fuzzed out, dirty jamz"
Metal Sucks

"Riding dirty with granitic riffs, heaving basslines and suckerpunch rhythms"

1/20/13: Happy New Year! Flourishing's "Intersubjectivity" EP CD is printing. I should have them next week unless there's a fuck up.

We have some exciting things coming up in the near future. We can't really announce anything yet, but we have a potential 3-way grind release in the works, a solo project from someone you know, and other cool stuff.

Here's a schedule of what's coming:

Omotai - Terrestrial Grief (vinyl out 2/5)
Flourishing - Intersubjectivity (CD out on 2/19)
Archon - Ouroboros Collapsing (CD/digital out 2/19)

We're helping Omotai and Archon with distribution. The bands spent a lot of their own money for these releases. Please purchase and help them out. They will be paid if you buy!!!

Our hearts go out to those in CT. We have worked with bands from CT and the surrounding areas. We know folks who were impacted and really, it affects us all in one way or another. We hope the focus turns to treating mental illness and not gun-grabbing. We have experiences with mental illness in the family and it's not treated as it should be (especially those that are poor). I know folks taken care of by the government who don't get proper treatment. Time will tell. Pray for everyone.

In happier news, the new Imbroglio is out digitally. They are breaking up, but left us with one last album Declared Self Hatred. You can get it on our Bandcamp. Flourishing's Intersubjectivity is out digially and the CD's will be going to press this week. We have some other things in the works we can't share yet, but we're excited to see what 2013 will bring.

Flourishing is out digitally NOW! Exvotos is out now along with many others on our Bandcamp page.

Coming up we have some vinly from Omotai, a CD by Flourishing, and some others stuff we can't disclose yet.

Now that the stupid election that means nothing is out of the way, lets focus on music. Epistasis will be releasing their S/T debut on 11/13. It will be available digitally as well as physically on CD. Our Big Cartel will be updated soon.

Also on 11/13/12, the awesome Flourishing will have a new EP out digially called Intersubjectivity. We will have a physical release on 1/25/13 (CD only; sorry vinyl nerds).

Exvotos - Oh, Believe All Believe is OUT TODAY! You can find it at fine record stores, any digital outlet, or buy it from us at Big Cartel!!!

Pre-order is up for Exvotos. Go to our Big Cartel page to order and receive it before the street date: Big Cartel. We only have 30 available from us so order quickly!